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Russian Imperial Wax Museum WELCOMES YOU!
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Russian Imperial Wax Museum

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The Russian Imperial Wax Museum is the largest exhibition of wax figures in Russia, headquartered in the National Museum of Art and Culture of St. Petersburg, Russia.  Since 1989 the company has organized exhibits and museums, and currently supports over 30 exhibitions in Russia and other countries of the former Soviet Union.  We also cooperate with other organizers of exhibitions who regularly present our works.  These partners include United Exhibits, of Copenhagen, Denmark, and Faber Art, of Helsinki, Finland, in addition to exhibition partners in several Arab countries. 

Our craftsmen have dedicated their careers to preserving imperial Russias past through the creation of likenesses.  With our business their canvas has expanded to internationally recognized people.  We also possesses exclusive patented technology for creating figures which results in incredibly lifelike creations, and work with the best sculpturors in Russia. We use a specially patented wax for making figures, created by the Russian engineers-chemists with the support of a government program of applied chemistry, specifically for the Russian Imperial Wax Museum.  It is very different from wax mixtures used by our competitors.  Most use mixtures containing mainly plastic which makes their figures lack lifelike qualities.  Our figures contain many layers of different colors and compounds; our wax mixture makes the color of our figures look realistic, including the fact that the light goes into the depth of our wax and reflects from it just like the skin of human being does. As for the plastic wax mixtures, the light reflects only from the surface of the figure and it is harder to make the figure look real even with the usage of a lot of specially created cosmetics.

Our team of sculptors:

Ivan Borisovich Korneev, Ph.D.:

Head of a sculptural class of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, the student and the co-author of academician Mr. Anikushina. Has executed a number of joint sculptural works with the artist Shemjakinym. A member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Alexej Shljahtin:

The Deans assistant of the faculty of sculpture of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. A member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. 

Andrej Poljanov:

The teacher of a Sculpture class at the St. Petersburg Institute of Painting and Sculpturing named by Ms. Muhinoj. A member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists.

Galina Ievleva:

The deserved sculptor of the Russian Federation, the Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The author of some monuments and sculptural works in different cities of Russia.

Viktor Shuvalov:

Member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The author of some monuments and sculptural ornaments in St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia (for example, Sculptural furniture of a new building of the State Public Library in St. Petersburg).

To date more than 500 figures have been manufactured based on different themes including:

  • History of Russia
  • History of the USSR
  • Guinness Book of World Records
  • Unique people (deviation of the body)
  • Movie heros
  • Movie stars
  • Political figures
  • Palace of Horrors  

and many many more



Russian Imperial Wax Museum's figure